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Introduction for VVF:

About VVF

“Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is still a major cause for concern in many developing countries. It represents significant morbidity in female urology. Continual wetness, odor, and discomfort cause serious social problems. The diagnosis of the condition has traditionally been based on clinical methods and dye testing. A successful repair of such fistulas requires an accurate diagnostic evaluation and timely repair using procedures that exploit basic surgical principles and the application of interposition flaps. The method of closure depends on the surgeon’s training and experience. The main complication of VVF surgery is recurrent fistula formation.”

According to NIH, estimates suggest that at least three million women in poor countries have unrepaired VVFs, and that 30,000–130,000 new cases develop each year in Africa alone..

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What you can help?

By raising the awareness of the dire situations for women in Africa with VV conditions we can get more people and resource to help those unfortunates to get the necessary surgery, gain independence and start a new life.